One Man's Treasure Clothes Closet

An important part of FCRM's effort to help ex-offenders re-enter society is One Man's Treasure Clothes Closet. Volunteers at the Clothes Closet provide presentable clothing to ex-offenders, allowing them to adopt positive self-images as they face a new world, attend worship, and seek employment. One Man's Tresasure spun off into an independent organization in 2014.

Good used clothing and monetary donations are collected by One Man's Treasure volunteers in Rockwall, Texas. Men leaving prison and relocating to the Dallas area are given:

1.Five shirts
2.Two pairs of pants
3.One pair of shoes
4.Five new pairs of underwear
5.Five new pairs of socks
6.Two T-shirts
7.One coat, one hat, and gloves (during winter months)

Visit One Man's Treasure website: